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Who Knew?

“Computer class was never my thing. I’m just not tech savvy. I always thought, like using every day computers is fine, but anything more than that is not for me. Why do I need a computer course? Why would I have ever even dreamed that my sister Sari & I would be staying with the W****** family?? Why would I have even thought I would need to stay connected with my schoolwork this way???!!!”

Sarah and Osnat are sisters that have been in the care of Girls Town Jerusalem for nearly a decade. Due to the traumatic, early home life that Osnat and Sari experienced, when Rabbi Avraham Y. Stern sat down with his Review Committee, he knew the outcome for these two was clear. The Committee, comprised of the Heads of Dorms, the school principals, Guidance Staff and Girls Town Jerusalem’s HaRav E. Peretz, worked non-stop to determine how to place the children of GTJ in compliance with the government’s Covid-19 emergency ordinances. Many of the girls have been housed together in fully furnished, short-term rentals with counselors. A certain number of girls, were possible, are with family. Each of the Housemothers have accepted ‘daughters’ into their own homes.

For some, like Osnat and her sister, GTJ would have to locate families that would be willing to have the girls move in until the Health Ministry approved reopening dormitory facilities.

As so many of Girls Town Jerusalem’s friends and supporters know, tragically, these two girls’ story is not a solo-scenario. GTJ has had to place a significant number of children with private families. Although it does not detract from the true kindness of accommodating our girls appropriately, each and every family is being paid a very generous stipend per day for the time the children are in their homes.

Keeping safe and up to speed, Girls Town Jerusalem’s staff is staying in contact with the children through every means possible. Who knew how quickly a computer would become Osnat’s “bestie”?

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