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Therapy Center Opening in GTJ

Perhaps, the most exciting change at Girls Town Jerusalem right this minute is the upcoming additions of a center for therapeutic services. These are the architect's 3D renditions of the renovation that is about to begin on the 2nd floor of the Girls Town Dormitory building.

A huge range of therapies will be included ranging from rehabilitative therapies like occupational and physical therapy to expressive art therapies like music, art and drama therapy. We are even planning room for animal and horticultural therapy, therapies that are almost inaccessible due to a lack of facilities and exorbitant cost.

By bringing the Ta’azumot organization under our umbrella of Girls Town Jerusalem, we have accessed a full registration of youngsters from age 6 through 16 in need of these services. We have acquired vetted and professional staff of therapists. Finally, we have approved government-funding assistance together with Israeli Health Care providers' agreement to subsidize payment for treatments. Girls Town Jerusalem 2022 is facing the needs of the same target audience of disadvantaged children as we have for the past 50 years but addressing their needs as the times demand.


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