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No, felines were NOT the theme of Purim in GTJ but no one can deny that Purim

was anything less than PERFECT.

As there were two months of Adar in the Hebrew calendar this year, the entire Purim 'season' started off with an initiative highlighting interpersonal interactions between the GTJers. That culminated on Purim itself with the Mishlochai Manot gifts (edible) given between all in the GTJ family.

To lighten things up, literally, one morning, before the crack of dawn, the dormers were awakened to find decorated hallways; a scavenger hunt to locate their footwear and plenty of other surprises. One evening GTJ was turned into the Seat of the Government of Israel with Offices of every Ministry imaginable. Blue and white banners decorated every door and Israel's favorite sport (politics not soccer) was played LIVE.

Of course, Purim itself brought out an entire cadre of costumed characters, Purim plays and presentations, singing, dancing, merry-making and GREAT FOOD too!


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