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There is nothing more wonderful than feeling the vibe of Girls Town Jerusalem full of girls laughing, singing, discussing and just plain schmoozing. After a hiatus of months, the hallways once again are reverberating with shouting and strumming, giggles and guffaws, pounding footsteps in the stairways and the beautiful sounds of LIFE happening.

A tremendous amount of work and expense went into getting the building up to standard to welcome our girls back. Beyond the plastering, tiling, scrubbing, laundering, etc. quite a bit of refurbishing and remodeling was needed to get the dorm into shape along with creating new study and recreation areas in compliance with the new regulations of the Ministry of Health.

Rabbi Avraham Y. Stern, director of Girls Town Jerusalem has been unstinting in his efforts to make sure that both the safety and comfort of girls throughout the Girls Town campus will be assured.


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