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Baby Boomers - Gen X – Gen Alpha ~ We are All Family!!

Real FAMILY is just what Dolly Belfer wanted the three young women from our Home to feel like when they spent a wonderful afternoon together with her and her amazing son and daughter-in-law, Michael and Randy Belfer. Dolly and her dear husband, Sheldon, of blessed memory, originally visited BL- Girls Town Jerusalem back in the early 1990s. Their ‘love at first site’ of the working being done here never waned.

And, just like ‘real family’, the Belfer's were so anxious to come back to Israel as soon as it was safe to travel after Covid-19 restrictions were rescinded. July brought together

the delighted group who enjoyed an afternoon of shopping, eating and schmoozing!! The girls may have had tears in their eyes when it was time to say goodbye but D

olly’s eyes shone bright with determination – to get back for another visit as soon as she can!


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