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You have got to SEE this!!!!

Whether it is after a long, hard day or first thing in the morning to yourself, there is nothing like just that special setting to put you into the right frame of mind.

As much as we at Girls Town Jerusalem always wished we could provide our girls with the luxury of that type of lounge area, it had been somewhere on our Wish List.


Unbelievably, a long-time, dear and dedicated friend and her husband were looking to perpetuate the loving memory of her mother, o.b.m. who always had a special place in her heart for our children. This donor ALWAYS knows JUST what would be the PERFECT addition for the Homes that will give every child the feeling that GTJ really is her HOME.

The lounge area has been created for the young women of GTJ to enjoy something special, super-useful, and gorgeous. The two sectional sofas upholstered in highly durable and trending gray fabric together with two comfy, coral rounded chairs form the core of the new lounge. Four beautiful, hand-painted works of art, a double-circle coffee table and several other accessories round out the area to give the girls the greatest feeling of comfort and pride.

As it says, there is no comparison between hearing and SEEING!!

You're invited to come to see for yourself anytime!!!


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