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QUICK: Let’s Play Word Association...

Quick: Let’s Play Word Association!

–Hiking – Bus Trips – Diving – Rock Climbing – B.B.Q.’s – Crafting – Sun – Fun – FUN – F U N!!

Right answer all around – S U M M E R C A M P 2022!!!

Girls Town Jerusalem has officially entered the summer season as the everyone’s school uniform are neatly(??) tucked away; all notebooks are banished and the rooms REAK from the smell of suntan lotion. Truthfully, here and there some girls have opted to complete or repeat a class or improve their GPA during their summer break. Even those girls, though, cannot roll back the WAVE of SUMMER!!!

The organized programming will be running throughout the months of July and August. Like the rest of the country, August will be the real ‘hard-core’ vacation time, which is the reason that the ‘get-away’ part of the summer camp will be taking place earlier, to guarantee the greatest sites at the best prices. The third week of July will find the entire Girls Town dormitory emptying out; filling charter coach buses and hitting the road for a trip up North. Of course, all the plans are top secrete but knowing Girls Town Jerusalem’s standards, this should prove to be a Trip of a Lifetime!!


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