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Live Their Dream!

We've taught them what a home could be.  Now, they're ready to live their dream.


Corded or Embroidered lace; ivory, cream or snow-white; silks or satins- That's the stuff of wedding dreams.


We try to provide our brides with all the basics they will need for their weddings and their new homes.  This includes the hall, orchestra, flowers, wedding gown, trousseau, basic furnishings, appliances...


Your gift to our Bridal Fund is giving them the chance to ...

Live Their Dream!


15 Million  

birthdays daily


each of our girls is


wonderful individual!



Give a Birthday Party 




feel like a




"Look up at the winter sky and relive July!"


That is how the our "Girl Towners" feel about their summer camp experience.  It’s all about intensive summer fun, leaving school bags and classrooms far behind.  


First, it's summer day camp then an AMAZING "get–a–way" sleep-away camp.  The girls relive it ALL WINTER LONG.  But camp isn't just fun in the sun. At GTJ, it’s a necessity to release the stresses they encounter due to their difficult background.

Over our many years of experience, we have found that the multiple benefits the children receive from a well-run and thoroughly enjoyed summer program 100% justifies the significant cost in money and manpower.



Girls Town Jerusalem offers its students a well–rounded education as well as a plethora of extracurricular projects and activities to complement and enhance the girls' learning experience. In this age of rapid development and change, we prepare our students for the world of transforming technology and globalization yet foster in them a sense of camaraderie and ethics.

Consider establishing a Scholarship Fund to advance the girls’ post-secondary education and provide those that qualify with the opportunity for higher education.

One–on–one tutoring is a must for many of our younger girls who come to us having missed so much in their earliest stages of development. For others, the tensions or pressures at home resulted in a lack of attention in the classroom and subsequent need for extra academic help. Despite the exorbitant cost of private tutoring, we do everything we can to bolster the girls. 


Beyond the classroom, we try to offer our girls a large variety of lessons and experiences including voice and instruments, drama and pantomime, rhythm and dance. Additionally, our extracurricular activates are geared to give all the youngsters a taste of so many different avenues to excel in, like computers and graphic design, aerobics and exercise, drawing and crafts, sewing, embroidery and more. Maybe your talent could inspire our girls, too! Mr. Peter Simon, an internationally acclaimed pianist, and dear friend of Girls Town Jerusalem gave a performance for our girls. Naturally, the girls were so excited about the beautiful music. Mr. Simon donated a piano to enable whichever girls were motivated to really get involved in the piano by taking lessons. Due to Mr. Simon’s concern, generosity, passion, and expertise, our girls have a piano to practice on and a portal to the wonderful world of music! 



From braces for a crooked bite or curved spine to extensive surgery or psychiatric care, Girls Town Jerusalem covers all necessary medical expenses, including those beyond the perimeters of the health care funds. Nearly all of our children receive follow–up dental care and orthodontic work beyond the scope of what is covered by their health fund. Additionally, we are laying the groundwork for a more comprehensive approach to the girls’ emotional health, as the need for psychological and psychiatric therapies in a home like ours is tremendous. The cost for these services is equally tremendous!

Special situations require special responses and  Girls Town Jerusalem is prepared to respond to the various medical needs of each individual child. When one of our girls suffered sudden and acute pain in her back, it was discovered that a severe curvature in her spine (scoliosis) may damage her internal organs. Girls Town Jerusalem spared no cost in flying the child, her older sister and a chaperone to France to see a specialist.   The child underwent surgery, and thank G–d today she is a beautiful young woman – tall, proud and healthy!

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