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Ten children of the Bnei Menashe community at Girls Town Jerusalem turn 12 years old and celebrate their Bat Mitzvah.

It was a bat mitzvah celebration that was as unique as it was classic; as heartwarming as it was heavenly.

The event began with fanfare and excitement, especially when the 10 celebrants twirled in fitted out in matching dresses! It was an honor to welcome Mr. Avi Mizrachi, Mrs. Edith Blaustein and Mrs. Laura Ben-David, all of the Shavei Israel organization. Director Rabbi Avraham Y. Stern expressed what a great honor it was to be addressed by Rabbi Michael Freund, Founder and Chairman of Shavei Israel. Rabbi Freund’s remarks were met with tremendous feeling, especially as they were being translated into Kuki, the native language of Girls Town’s Bnai Menashe children.

Mothers, relatives, friends and the honorees filled the auditorium/dining room of Girls Town Jerusalem to capacity as they were seated to enjoy a festive midday culinary marvel created by GTJ’s chief chef, Mrs. Ilana R. and her amazing staff. The high school dance ensemble entertained and then the bat mitzvah girls themselves did the GREATEST OF ALL TIME performance.

There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when together the bat mitzvah young women took their personalized Hebrew siddurim in hand and said a t’fillah in Hebrew. Then, they enchanted all with a rendition of Adon Olam that they used to sing in India.

This incredible event conclude with inspirational guest singer Miri Yisraeli and daughters wrapping up this magnificent occasion with song, dance and non-stop swing!!!

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