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Weekly Baking Activity - this week CHALLAH

Somehow, the cold weather and winter months just seem to lend themselves to indoor activities like baking. Girls Town Jerusalem is no different and the kids here are totally into their weekly baking class.

There are so many important lessons that the girls can learn via the baking activity group. Firstly, baking always involves some math in the measuring and weighing of ingredients (especially when we double or even triple recipes!). Actually, the children here very often bake using recipes that are delineated by weight rather than cups (the more European way).

In one of the most popular baking session, the girls prepared and baked their own challah rolls in honor of Shabbat (spoiler alert: not too many rolls made it all the way to Friday night!!). The girls split into groups of six or so and mixed up the first batch. Then, they turned up the music and really put their whole selves into kneading away. Everyone took a break and then came back to roll and shape their challah rolls. They popped their challah rolls into the oven and voila - the finished product pictured below.

Picture of the Week
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