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This year, the warmth of Chanukah started “outside-in” with sunny skies and balmy temperatures. That only added to the beautiful atmosphere in Girls Town Jerusalem as the girls gathered together each night to light the menorah, sing the special songs and gaze at the flickering flames. By the 3rd day – Wednesday – it was freezing, windy and rainy. The classic Jerusalem Chanukah backdrop.

But was it ever cosy indoors!!!

The Chanukah Chagigiah (Celebration) started with an emotional lighting of the Chanukah lights followed by heartfelt prayers as the girls gazed into the flames, hoping for the most bright and beautiful future. Next came a festive feast; gifts that are ‘gelt’ (gift cards); an inspirational video presentation and the DANCING, DANCING DANCING!! Special thanks to our precious friends (and their friends!!) that went above and beyond to sponsor the Chanukah festivities once again this year.


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