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Staying Safe - Better Than Ever!!!

Israel is very slowly and gradually reopening certain segments of the county’s businesses, outdoor recreational locations and educational institutions. It is as if someone has pushed the RESET button but hasn’t completely taken their finger off!!

So very many facilities, Girls Town Jerusalem included, are currently continuing the “modus orperandi” that has successfully been implemented for the past eight weeks. The children are continuing their studies remotely lectured by our teachers. For the young women that are enrolled in higher, post-high school programs, each one is working according the revised schedule of that program.

Every child in Girls Town Jerusalem certainly has a greater appreciation of the “new normal” as they are aware but not afraid of the downward trend that Covid-19 has followed here in Israel. As one youngster said “Will it be weird one day to see pictures from April 2020 of people with masks or from March 2020 of people WITHOUT masks!!!???” Only Time Will Tell.

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