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Garden Wedding At A Whole New Level

What happens when you have the bride, the groom, the date, and all the details in place BUT no wedding halls are allowed to operate?

Answer: Back to the Backyard!!!!!

BL – GTJ holds approximately 30 to 35 weddings per year.

Right now, before the days of Sifrat HaOmer following Pesach, it is prime “wedding season”.

In these trying times, ingenuity must keep the “Voice of happiness and joy; of the groom and the bride” heard in the streets of Jerusalem and the hills of Judeah. Weddings have been scaled down to follow the Health Ministry regulations. The venues have switched to beautifully landscaped yards of private homes, the open area gardens like at the Mother & Baby Convalescent Home or roof-top expanses that nearly touch the stars.


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