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Bring on the Rain!

How can someone take their sadness and pain at losing both of their beloved parents in such a short span of less than 3 months apart and turn that into the cause for shrieks of delight and hugs of warmth? If you are MRS LINDA ROTH, you know just how to do exactly that. The Eugene and Shirley Roth Memorial Coat Closet for Orphans, started this year in memory of Linda’s parents has turned into an international sensation with followers on its own Facebook page connected through warm hearts that love to give to children in need of warm winter outerwear.

As coats keep arriving by the dozens in every size, weight, style and color possible. No one at BL-Girls Town Jerusalem ever welcomed the cold and rain with as much excitement as our girls have this year.

The Winter Coats for Orphans Drive has successfuly collected, packed and shipped boxes with an unprecedented amount of beautiful new and gently-used winter coats guaranteed to keep our kids toasty and warm all winter long!

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