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Shared Bat Mitzvah - More Similar than Anyone Could Have Guessed!!

Just the phrase “Bat Mitzvah” conjures up images of party dresses, prettily packaged gifts and perfectly presented table decorations. Although Girls Town Jerusalem has hosted many a young women’s special day, each one has a flavor all its own.

But what made this bat mitzvah story so different and so the same??

Within the beautiful event that involved dozens of emails back and forth between the bat mitzvah girl’s mother and GTJ’s coordinator, arranging every detail for the bat mitzvah, the most moving surprise was revealed when the bat mitzvah celebrant’s father spoke.

He said they specifically wanted to make the celebration in Girls Town Jerusalem because the visiting bat mitzvah girl herself had been orphaned of her biological mother at the tender age of 5. All three - the bat mitzvah girl, her step-mother and her father, decided that the most fitting place to enjoy the bat mitzvah would be a place where they could share their story and bring hope and happiness to other girls that had also suffered loss.

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