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Class Trip - History of Our Land

Although we just began the school year, we already had a beautiful and educational class trip through the Old City and surrounding area. Our Bnei Menashe class are learning about the history of our Land and especially Jerusalem. Lucky to be living in Israel, our girls learn hands-on about their ancestry, where every stone tells a story of the people who lived and died here during the past millennia. See for yourself how the girls are listening to the guide describe what happened here so long ago in an area which has been excavated. In the City of David, they were able to sift through some dirt and find bits of clay and metal, which were found to be parts of cooking utensils 2000 years ago.

The girls enjoyed this tour very much while absorbing the history of the region and feeling pride in their backgrounds, knowing that this is their home, their people and their nation.

The Bnei Menashe girls came from the villages of India less than two years ago. Bayit Lepletot - Girls Town Jerusalem has made every effort to help them acclimate to life in Israel and thank G-d we have succeeded. Today these girls speak Hebrew and have adjusted beautifully to life in our country

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