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Bat Mitzvah Never 2B 4GOTTEN

When your family is so dedicated to a place, it just becomes part of your DNA.

What could have been more natural than Orly, daughter of Naftali & Penina (Schmidt) Fessel sharing her Bat Mitzvah celebration with two girls from Girls Town Jerusalem that are just now becoming Bat Mitzvah.

GTJ and the 100s of children in its care stole the hearts of Penina’s parents Doris and Jack Schmidt over 30 years ago. Since then, there hasn’t been a family simcha that GTJ hasn’t been a part of.

The fun began with a pizza party supper followed by DIY quilling or paper filigree jewelry making activity. The results were amazingly imaginative and beautiful. And, just to finish the night off in true Girls Town Jerusalem style, there was music and dancing to make it a night to be remembered by Orly, her two GTJ Bat Mitzvah "sisters" -

Rivka and Dina and everyone sharing the moment!!

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