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Weekly Activity - Needlecrafts SEE FINISHED PROJECT!

When handiwork has nearly become a lost art….

Unless you’re into crafting, there is a good chance that no one ever taught you how to thread a needle or sew on a button. Although it isn’t a mandatory life-skill, there is something very satisfying about knowing you are capable of doing your own mending, etc.

Here at Girls Town Jerusalem, we give our youngsters that ability and so much more. For the children that choose, there are many different types of sewing, embroidering, yarn work, needlepoint and more. From the most basic “A-B-C”’s to very advanced wardrobe design including pattern creation, the young women that choos to pursue these hobbies have even ended up turning their passion into a livelihood.

But, best the satisfaction of all for them is seeing their work finished, framed and front-and-center for all to admire.

Let YAEL know how much you admire her work by liking it!!

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