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Weekly Art Activities

When the wind howls…

And it’s plenty cold outside, time to don aprons and get paintin’!!!

Although clubs and extra activates are made available to the youngsters in Girls Town Jerusalem throughout the whole year, somehow, the winter months lend themselves best to all the indoor activities. With the blessed rain and accompanying cold, it is the perfect time to get everyone into the mood to expand their creativity.

Experimenting with different mediums in the Visual Arts, our girls have access to many different types of ways to express themselves. The have a chance to participate in basic and advanced oil painting; drawing methods using both charcoal or graphite pencil and lessons in acrylics and other paints.

Getting away a bit from the classic arts, the young women in Girls Town Jerusalem also have the opportunity to explore the world of printmaking; basic and advanced sewing and pattern making as well as an expansive course to learn the basics of digital cameras including how they work and how to keep them working!

The winter may just not be long enough…

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