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Chanukah - 8 days of fun; giving and getting!

​Everyone in Girls Town Jerusalem has been having the most marvelous Chanukah ever. The festivities began on the very first night of the entire 8 day-long holiday. Rabbi Stern officiated in lighting the menorah for the children in the Home. They enjoyed an amazing Chanukah celebration including an in-house "Escape the Room" activity. And this was only the beginning....

The first night party that kicked-off our Chanukah 2018 turned out to be something really special. It is incredible to see and feel the emotion that washes over the entire dining room as Rabbi Stern steps forward and takes the candle in hand. Everyone stands with eyes closed and hearts open to hear the blessings over the Chanuka lights and take the opportunity to say a special prayer for their lives and their futures.

On another night, hand-picked gifts were given to our girls. The money for these gifts came from donations garnered through our highly successful Toy Drive. Spearheading our Chanukah gift giving, our long-time, generous donor "Rentals of Distinction" tithed from their sales as well as collected from their friends. On the fifth night, the girls exchange "mini gifts" among themselves, teaching them all the importance of giving. In keeping with the custom to memorialize the coins that were minted by the Hasmonian rulers at the time of Chanukah, chocolate Chanukah coins make their appearance through games and treats on night 7.

On the last night of Chanukah, the party included the tradition of giving "gelt" which is a small

money gift. For the last half-dozen years or so, this tradition has been funded by a very

dearly beloved, anonymous donor.

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