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Schools Supporting Girls Town

Two adorable girls from the 6th grade class of the Shulamith School in Cedarhurst, New York visited our Bat Mitzvah girls last week. Adina and Mimi handed out beautiful pencil cases filled with school supplies. Together with their classmates, they have undertaken to raise money towards setting up a music room in the Girls Town dormitory in memory of one of their classmates who passed away at the age of 4. So far, they have raised over $6000.

At Girls Town, we support the talents of each girl who lives in our homes. Whether they are blessed with a flair for music, sewing, art or sports, we encourage and nurture their natural abilities. A music room will benefit girls who need a quiet place to practice, girls who want to jam together and music teachers who will use it for their lessons. It will also be a venue for concerts from visitors who want to share their love of music with our girls.

Over the years, these types of collaborations between schools and Girls Town have been extremely successful. The students from schools in the US feel a great sense of fulfillment when they see how happy they can make girls who are less fortunate than they are. They add meaning to their bat mitzvah celebrations with acts of kindness and by forging an emotional connection with girls their age who are missing the fundamental support of family.

If your school is interested in a collaboration with Girls Town, email and we will match you with a relevant project.

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