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Aish Women's Re-connection Trip

We had a special treat at Bayit Lepletot – Girls Town Jerusalem, when the Women’s Reconnection Trip from Aish HaTorah took precious time from their packed schedule to visit with us on February 1.

We hosted the women for supper and a dance party, and the participants connected with the girls instantly and made them feel extra special. The evening included two musical performances, one on the piano and one on the clarinet.

Tamar* from Los Angeles commented, “The minute I walked into your place, I could feel the love and the warmth (even though I can't understand any Hebrew). The girls are just so happy - and it feels like family - and that is saying a lot considering where they are coming from.

It is so heartbreaking and awful to not have what you need in your family and childhood. I cannot even tell you how much it means that these girls are getting such incredible love and care.”

Beth from West Hartford, Connecticut, was impressed by the “ruach” (energy) of the visit, Yehudit from Canada told us the girls were beautiful and Sara from the US said the evening was amazing.

The women brought some lovely gifts, and we were really surprised after they left to find out that they had left us additional presents - perfectly-pink hats with the BL - Girls Town Jerusalem logo on them! The girls put them on right away.

A great time was had by all and we look forward to hosting the Women’s Reconnection Trip again next year.

Thank you to Dini Kupersmith for all your help in making this evening happen!

*names have been switched to protect identity

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