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Become our girls' special family and give a child something that she has never known before: the feeling of being loved and wanted. Many of our children come from families where they were abused, or where a mother or father is emotionally disturbed; or physically incapacitated. It will give your child the boost knowing that there are those who care about her in a meaningful and personal way. This very close relationship is developed through correspondence (for which we provide translation), possibly a small gift from you on her birthday or on holidays, and visits with the child when you are in Israel. 

Your yearly sponsorship fee will help toward the upkeep of your child, including education,
food and clothing. When joining our SPONSOR PROGRAM, you will receive a picture of your own foster child, a summary of her background and correspondence with her can begin as soon as you like.



In the second decade of the 21st century, there is so much talk about malnutrition within the framework of obesity and improper eating habits. Can we imagine, though, a three year old child in modern-day Israel suffering from such sever malnutrition that her left hand and foot are impaired for life?

That is how little Shevy came to us; huge eyes, gaunt face, wobbly with her ungainly, left hand tucked against her side. Shevy’s three, older sisters came too, each with her own long-term effects of their early-childhood years being ones of neglect, indifference and passive abandonment. Since there were never any incidents of physical abuse or loud, roaring family fights, it took
time until the severity of the situation was

Bayit Lepletot – Girls Town Jerusalem taught Shevy every life skill, from the most basic like eating with cutlery and changing clothes daily to inculcating her with self-pride and the ability to believe in herself.

Shevy’s greatest ambition at this point is to grow up to be the world’s greatest dorm counselor!

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