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Robert Shor Summer Camp Fund

Mr. Robert Shor z"l Summer Camp Fund was founded in 2016 in commemoration of the 28th yartzite of Mr. Robert Shor z”l, who was beloved member of the Albany, NY, Jewish community. Mr. Shor was a popular bar mitzvah tutor and volunteer who oversaw many youth programs that shared the warmth of Jewish tradition. Last year, the nearly $3000 was raised which enabled 11 children to attend summer camp, an experience that boosted the children’s sprits and provides them with long-lasting positive memories. This year’s goal is to reach $5000 and send 20 girls to camp!

Summer camp is surely the highlight of the entire year. All our girls attend sleep-away camp for a two week session. Generally, we find a location in a rural area of the country. For our girls, camp is not just a fun summer activity but an absolute necessity. This summer camp gives our girls an opportunity to experience the beauty of nature they’ve never before encountered. It fills them with wonderful memories of their years spent in BL-Girls Town Jerusalem. 

1 Girl for 1 Week = $250

Please choose for Suggested Application: The Robert Shor Summer Camp Fund

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