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Criminals found and charged!!

We are delighted to update one and all that the criminals that committed the devastating burglary of Bayit Lepletot - Girls Town Jerusalem in April 2018 have been apprehended, charged, tried and sentenced. The burglary ring was part of a large, well-organized syndicate that continued to burglarize others, including schools, organizations and private homes as well.

Unfortunately, GTJ's losses could not be recovered nor were any of the personal items of the individual girls ever located. It that sense, it is a bittersweet realization for the youngsters that their precious, often sentimental things could not be returned to them. Fortunately, all the girls are very much of one mind in their appreciation of the fact that “our” burglars were not, G-d forbid, terror infiltrators. Also, due to the success of our matching campaign and the generous assistance of our dear and dedicated friends, the security infrastructure around the Girls Town Jerusalem campus has been greatly improved.

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