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Let Everyone Dance Now!

November 13, 2019



You could never tell from looking at them but Arnie and Sue Garelick have been devoted friends of BL-GTJ for close to FOUR decades!!! They love for life, fun, and music is what their AMAZING sound system is bringing to the dormitory.  


What is this new sound system all about?


The system’s procenter is equipped with the most advanced drivers including a 1” Tweeter, two 4.5” mid/woofer and two 4.5” bass Radiators.  All that adds up to exceptional sound reproduction, even at the high volume levels the girls LOVE!  


The AVR receiver,  is connected in turn to the display device. This setup greatly simplifies the selection of video sources when a program includes playing a DVD, a show recorded on a PVR, or anything else. So far, the staff has been able to select what is to be watched on the receiver’s remote and hasn’t had to adjust anything on the display.  


There is just no way to say thank you LOUD enough!!!!


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